Agility Pipe Crawler Inspection

Agility Pipe-Crawler


Inspecting complex pipe structures and architectures can be a real challenge, especially when there are vertical sections and tight bend radius.

Changes of internal pipe geometry can also present problems; features such as: weld bends, uneven corrosion and "T" sections can restrict access for traditional pipe crawlers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV's). Despite these barriers, pipes still have to be visually inspected, for many reasons:

  • pipe defects
  • corrosion
  • surface porosity
  • cracking 

The Agility Pipe Crawler overcomes these access challenges by employing simple and innovative engineering principals. Coupled with a suitable digital camera, the Agility Pipe Crawler is a powerful tool in the inspection tool box.



  • Independently mounted motor/drives units 
  • User friendly controls and interface 
  • Interchangeable camera options 
  • Integrated camera and LED lighting 
  • Up to 50m deployment 
  • 1.5D bend compatibility

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