Auga Internal Weld Inspection Tool

Auga - internal weld inspection tool


The OMS Auga™ is a groundbreaking new internal weld inspection tool specifically designed to examine and measure the quality of internal girth welds in detail in the firing line. Auga can be attached directly to an internal line-up clamp (ILUC) and provides unrivalled dimensional accuracy.

Real time weld verification in the firing line 

Depending on the welding contractor’s specific application, the Auga can be configured to measure and report on a range of different weld attributes in the firing line. The operator can be alerted to features such as lack of root penetration, HiLo, re-entrant angle, concavity, cracking, undercut and incomplete fusion. Supporting Auga is a new version of OMS’ proprietary WeldAnalysis software. This unique, powerful software processes data from the Auga measuring head, highlighting specific features. This allows the operator to quickly analyse and pass the weld.

  • the Auga performs a complete 360 degree scan of the root pass in under 20 seconds
  • records detailed pipe geometry and an accurate 3D topographic map of the weld
  • set predetermined tolerances and highlight areas out of project specification
  • an Excel report is automatically generated highlighting weld attributes

Auga™ and WeldAnalysis will highlight features such as:



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