OMS completes pipe measurement and fit-up survey for Barzan Gas Project

Oil and gas pipe measurement specialist Optical Metrology Services (OMS) has completed a pipe measurement (end dimensioning) survey and pipe fit-up project for RasGas, a Qatar-based joint venture between Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil.

OMS was contracted by RasGas and its pipeline contractor to perform an onshore pipe end dimensioning survey of more than 2,000 pipe ends destined for use on the Barzan Gas Project offshore from Qatar.

Two OMS engineers were deployed to the pipe-coating yard in Ras Al Khaimai, UAE, to measure the pipes. The 32” diameter pipe ends were long seam welded pipes with a 30mm concrete coating. OMS measured the pipe ends (in batches of 400 at a time) in order to identify 2,000 pipes that were ‘fit for purpose’, ie, within the project’s specified HiLo of 1.0mm.

Certain weld seam restrictions were also placed on the pipes. First, the long seam welds located in the upper quadrant of the pipe had to be within +/- 45 degrees of the vertical. Second, successive long seams were to be rotated in such a way that they were not less than 30 degrees from the previous weld seam. OMS performed several different scenarios in order to ascertain the optimum pipe fit-up.

As the batches of pipe were end dimensioned and fit for purpose pipes marked up accordingly, the measurement data was made available to OMS’ SmartFit™ system back in the UK. Overnight, the data was processed and the pipes were sequenced by the software, so that the most closely matched ends could be brought together for welding. This information was sent back to OMS engineers at the coating yard, who then managed the process of physically locating the correct pipe ends in the yard, adding suitable rotation marks to the pipes (which would allow the welders to immediately align the pipe ends in order to achieve the best rotational position, thus minimising misalignment and achieving the project HiLo).

OMS also managed the loading of these pipes onto the pipelay barge in the planned sequence. Hugh Davies, Client Solutions Director at OMS comments: “Overseeing this process was absolutely key to the success of the project. This rapid turnaround – measuring batches of pipes during the day, followed by overnight processing and sequencing of the measurement data – prevented production delays due to mismatched pipes, leaving a very happy customer.”

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