Bevel 360 Laser Measurement Tool

The Bevel 360 - pipe bevel measurement system

The new Bevel 360 tool eliminates doubt about bevel compliance and provides pipeline engineers with an unrivalled insight into critical pipe bevel geometry. This ground-breaking new technology will allow improved understanding of the pipe bevel shape, which means welding can be a more efficient, streamlined process. 

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Why measure pipe bevel geometry?

Pipe bevel geometry is of key importance for pipeline engineers, welders and quality control inspectors. Accurate bevel geometry leads to more efficient pipe fit-up, improved welding and superior pipeline integrity. Prior to welding, verifying the shape of a bevel is a crucial consideration for pipeline construction. 

Improved process efficiency


In-line system integration capability

The system can be utilised integrated in-line with your facility, allowing for uninterrupted production and improved efficiency.

The tool can be deployed immediately after bevelling, prior to pipes being moved into production and can perform a complete scan of a pipe end in as little as 25 seconds. This produces a 360 degree measurement profile of the bevel. 



User-friendly software

Simple results with Bevel Pro

Once the bevel has been measured, the operator receives a simple green or red go/no-go indication via Bevel Pro software, with the option to investigate bevel parameters in greater detail. The amber indication gives the operator an early warning that bevel tolerances are being approached.


For fast, accurate bevel dimensions.

Technical overview

  • More than 1000 scans within 25 seconds
  • Minimum pipe diameter: 6”
  • Maximum pipe diameter: 48”
  • Maximum pipe wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Scan time per bevel (1024 scans): 25 seconds
  • Accuracy: 60 µm


Bevel types measured

The Bevel 360 will measure the following bevel shapes

  • The Bevel 360 will measure the five primary bevel shapes and features:
  • Plain bevel
  • J-prep bevel
  • J-prep with back bevel
  • Compound bevel
  • Compound J-prep with back bevel


Find out more about the Bevel 360

If you would like to know more about the Bevel 360, please email or contact OMS UK office on +44 (0)1279 656038 or the US office on +1 (832) 5199421.

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