Camera and Laser Inspection Tools

Versatile, modular and adaptable inspection systems

The OMS Camera and Laser Inspection Systems provide a versatile, modular and adaptable suite of inspection tools enabling businesses to inspect their assets. These tools can be used to identify a wide range of features, defects and characteristics about assets such as pipelines, ducts or hard-to-reach locations. The ability to adapt and tailor a systems to suit a particular application means that OMS tools offer advantages over off-the-shelf inspection systems. The tools are capable of traversing tight bends within vertical or horizontal pipelines, where access is limited and diameters vary.

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Why inspect pipelines and hard-to-reach spaces?

Achieving superior weld joints is crucial for applications such as pipeline construction is essential as the integrity of a pipe joint hinges on the quality of a weld. Inspection of welds and internal pipelines for features can help to:

  • Meet project specifications
  • Avoid cut-outs and pipe repairs
  • Prevent unnecessary downtime
  • Increase the asset lifespan
  • Identify potential leaks

What to inspect

More stringent safety requirements bring about the need for more diligent inspection. OMS inspection tools are suitable for:

  • Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs)
  • CRA clad welds
  • Flowlines
  • PLETs and PLEMs
  • Clad welded pipe
  • Carbon steel pipe
  • Fatigue-critical pipes and structures
  • Manifolds, forgings, spool pieces and bends

Inspection camera and laser tool range


Inspection size range

The OMS Inspection System range is available in a range of sizes to suit applications from 55mm to 920mm internal diameters.


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