Crawler Inspection Tools

Crawler Inspection Tools

The inspection of hard to reach locations such as complex pipe structures, tanks, conduits, drains or ducts can be a challenging task, especially when there are vertical sections and tight bend radius to navigate. OMS have developed unique crawler inspection tools enabling asset owners to survey or inspect their plant and gain insights into features such as condition, dimension or location.

Tailored or specialised inspection solutions

Remote locations with complex internal geometry can make accessibility a difficult task and present access problems where inspection is necessary. Features such as welds, uneven areas of corrosion, T-sections, vertical sections and bends can restrict access for traditional pipe crawlers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s). The OMS crawler range overcomes these accessibility challenges through the use of innovative technology and experience in the field.

Benefits of OMS crawler inspection tools:

  • User friendly controls and interface 
  • Interchangeable camera options 
  • Integrated camera and LED lighting 
  • Short to long range deployment 
  • Bend and vertical capability

Inspection features include:

  • Diameters: from 100mm upwards
  • Distance: up to 2km
  • Camera: forward and side-looking, pan, tilt, optical zoom
  • Integrated lighting
  • Control unit with colour monitor
  • Software reporting with images and video

OMS inspection technology can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the application if necessary. In addition to standard measurement and visual inspection, corrective technology can be used in conjunction with these tools to perform a range of repair or maintenance tasks such as:

  • Welding, grinding, drilling or cutting
  • Cleaning or debris removal
  • Temperature or humidity measurement

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