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The modern world is characterised by the rise of technology and its use in both existing and new markets in order to meet emerging challenges. OMS have a proven track record in specialised technology development and can provide innovative measurement and bespoke inspection solutions to address these challenges faced by businesses across a wide range of sectors on a global scale.

With OMS technology, engineers are able to survey their assets and review features such as corrosion, pitting, wrinkling, dents, shape, ovality, dimension or the presence of debris or obstructions. From precision measurement to advanced visual inspection techniques, OMS looks to utilise its strengths and provide improved process efficiencies to clients through innovation.

New inspection technology for hard to reach or confined locations

An example of OMS’ cutting-edge development is the combination of our existing crawler system with inspection technology into a single, more versatile unit. This compact device can be used for the internal inspection of remote or hard to locate spaces, particularly those where access is limited or the complexity of the structure impedes movement. This new inspection crawler unit, which combines laser scanning with image capture, can also be used at greater range through the use of fibre optic technology, enabling high speed data and image transfer. This improvement means faster reporting for the end user, ultimately improving efficiencies.

This particular tool was developed for a client enabling the internal inspection of pull tubes on deepwater spar floating oil platforms where particularly tight project tolerances are a requirement. OMS can develop further technologies to help reduce costs and improve efficiencies through innovation. Talk to a member of OMS staff to find out more.

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