Laggan Tormore

Laggan and Tormore

Harsh conditions at the Laggan and Tormore fields

Optical Metrology Services (OMS) carried out weld inspection services for the J. Murphy & Sons Limited at the £3.5 billion Total development of the Laggan and Tormore fields north west of the Shetland Islands in Scotland.

OMS was commissioned by Murphy to provide weld inspection at the Total-operated Laggan and Tormore fields, reported to be the largest UK construction project since the 2012 olympic games in London.

Situated north west of Shetland and thought to be the site for around one fifth of the UK’s remaining oil reserves, the Laggan and Tormore fields are expected to supply energy to two million homes, around 8% of the national requirement.

The Laggan and Tormore fields are located at water depths of approximately 120 to 600 metres in Blocks 206/1a and 205/5a and situated approximately 125 kilometres north west of the Shetland Islands within the UK Continental Shelf.

Production from the fields is processed through an 8” duplex stainless steel onshore condensate pipeline from the new Shetland Gas Plant and transported to the Sullom Voe Oil Terminal. This environmentally sensitive project consisted of approximately 600 metres of pipeline to be laid through a terrain of mostly peat, and involved working adjacent to existing watercourses and ecological habitats.

OMS carried out internal laser and visual inspection on the project for Murphy, who were contracted by Total and BP. The HiLo and root profile were measured and inspected across 200 welded joints in order to meet project specifications.

Denise Smiles, OMS CEO, said:

"The Laggan and Tormore project was particularly testing as it presented an array of environmental challenges for the OMS team and the equipment. I’m thrilled to say that both performed superbly and the end result was a successful project for Murphy, and ultimately for Total."

Project facts:

  • Internal weld inspection of 8” duplex pipes with a 12mm wall thickness
  • Measured double joints: straight and bends
  • Laser and visual inspection of 200 welds


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