New bluetooth HiLo tool with with free tablet

Free tablet with every bluetooth HiLo tool

Buy a new bluetooth HiLo tool and receive a free tablet!

The bluetooth upgrade eliminates the need for traditional pen and paper methods of recording pipe misalignment, and improves efficiency with bespoke software to record measurement data.


Buy a new HiLo tool, or upgrade an existing one!

The new tool is also:

  • Accurate
  • Repeatable
  • Wireless

Open Gap and Closed Gap HiLo tools provide the fit-up crew, welding engineers and quality control inspectors with the ability to understand pipe misalignment prior to fit-up and welding. This capability is an important element in pipeline construction as it improves the fit-up of pipe ends in order to meet project specifications.

  • PURCHASE a new bluetooth HiLo tool with free tablet and a magnetic base* for £3,500 (£300 off)
  • UPGRADE an existing tool with a data-compatible gauge and tablet from £950**

Contact us now to buy a new tool or upgrade an existing tool.

* A non-magnetic base version is available, ** This offer applies to compatible tools only

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