Even the most out-of-round pipes can achieve good fit-up

OMS have compiled pipe measurement data gathered from a number of live projects around the world and compiled the findings into an infographic. This data covers a wide range of seamless pipe sizes based on approximately 23,000 pipe ends measured during the last 5 years.

SmartFitTM Software uses pipe data to achieve the best possible HiLo, improved pipe fit-up and superior pipeline integrity. The software can be deployed on or offshore in a number of methods to suit the application and help meet project specifications efficiently.

Approximately 23,000 seamless pipe ends measured with seamless pipe sizesranging from 6 inches to 16 inches.

Download the full infographic to view the data here:



Even with the worst out-of-roundness and wall thickness variation,the average pipe internal diameter HiLo is less than 0.5mm and the average outer diameter HiLo is less than 1.0mm (with the majority less than 0.7mm OD HiLo).

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