Inside out wall thickness measurement

Pipe wall thickness measurement from the inside of a pipe

OMS is pleased to announce a new service to measure the wall thickness of pipes from the inside. Previously, the wall thickness of many pipes in the nuclear, oil and gas or petrochemical sectors, has been measured from the outside. However, these pipes are seldom easy to access and often have coatings which makes measurement even more challenging. The new system allows pipes to be ultrasonically measured from the inside. An array of sensors is rotated around the pipe whilst water provides the medium to conduct an ultrasonic signal to the inner and outer pipe surfaces, thus allowing the wall thickness to be accurately measured. This system is delivered by a flexible tractor system capable of navigating around bends to reach difficult locations in excess of 200 metres into a pipe.

Once the pipe has been checked, areas of corrosion or erosion of the pipe wall are clearly identified. This information can be supplemented by visual and laser scanning to provide a complete geometric survey of the pipe. At this point it is possible to assess whether the pipe is fit-for-service or how long the pipe can function before it requires surveying again. Areas of particular concern can be treated in order to prevent further corrosion or erosion, or worse, a leak, from occurring, thus extending the lifetime of the pipe and saving significant costs.

Tim Clarke, OMS Chairman stated; “For some time now we’ve been seeking to extend services beyond the surface of a pipe. Now, in response to client demand, we can finally provide the vital information about pipe wall thickness from inside the pipe – the missing link in our service.”

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