Internal grinding of welds and pipe walls

Repair corrosion and welds from within the pipe 

OMS is pleased to announce the addition of a new internal grinding service to address the many difficult challenges faced by welding engineers. Now, areas of corrosion which were once left to degrade, or the problems associated with excessive weld root penetration can be addressed from within the pipe. This new capability means that grinding can be applied to exactly the right area, removing unwanted material and leaving the surface polished. Powerful crawlers deliver the entire system round impossibly tight bends or vertically within a pipe over distances as great as 500 metres.

A unique feature of this service is the ability to locate precise areas of corrosion or welds that need to be checked and to accurately determine the extent of the problem. Once the grinding solution has been applied, the essential verification services necessary to meet quality control requirements can be carried out using laser and camera tools.

Tim Clarke, OMS Chairman stated; “Previously we’ve only been able to identify corrosion or excessive weld penetration for our clients, leaving them with a problem to solve. Now we can provide a solution as well as a verification service that provides the proof that work has been carried out to our clients highest expectations”.

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