Pipe Fit-up Optimisation

Pipe Fit-up Analysis and Optimisation

Pipeline welding is an exacting task which requires skill and accuracy to ensure pipeline safety and integrity. When pipes have geometrical defects or fit together poorly, difficulties occur increasing the possibility of delay, further work or in some cases a pipe section cut-out. When pipes are subject to fit-up using trial and error, production schedules can soon start to fall behind plan and present the operator with increased project costs.

How can pipeline engineers ensure that the pipes will fit-up in accordance with project specifications?

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Identifying and avoiding pipe fit-up problems before they occur

Fit-up problems occur when two pipes of different geometries are brought together. This is often due to imperfections in the pipes themselves: one pipe may have a diameter at the upper limit of the specification and the other pipe may have a diameter at the lower limit or the roundest, resulting in oval pipes being brought together for fit-up. Whatever the cause, the consequence is difficulty in the bead stall aligning pipes sufficiently to achieve the required project specifications, or HiLo.

Good fit-up can be achieved with ‘problem pipes’ using SmartFit™ software

Measurement coupled with simulation can identify problem pipes before welding commences, allowing a suitable action plan to be implemented ahead of time. SmartFit software uses exact pipe measurement data to analyse and control pipe fit-up, prior to the pipes being brought into the bead stall for welding. SmartFit prevents production problems that relate to poor fit-up and can manage the assembly of ‘problem pipes’ to maximise welding productivity.

Tailor-made pipeline fit-up solutions to suit production requirements

SmartFit is a flexible solution and can be deployed to suit the realities of different production processes, both onshore and offshore. A key element of the solution is to use prior measurement data and alignment marks to immediately achieve the best fit-up while avoiding bringing ‘problem pipes’ into the bead stall. But there are different ways of dealing with problem pipes - when pipes don’t fit-up they can be re-ordered or managed in various ways. Depending on the available space and equipment, pipes can be re-sequenced, or set aside for later use.

OMS has a wealth of experience and has completed numerous projects successfully using SmartFit technology and can advise clients on the most efficient procedures for their production scenario. Measure, mark, and fit-up measurement data for pipes is the starting point for SmartFit. Pipes are pre-measured and data is made available to a SmartFit station prior to the firing line (before the ‘ready rack’). Each pipe in turn is identified and entered into the software. SmartFit software analyses pipe measurement data and allows the operator to mark the best rotational position on each pipe end. These marks are aligned to immediately achieve the best rotational position so that misalignment is minimised and efficiency is increased. Any pipes that won’t fit-up at the specified project HiLo are highlighted and can be re-sequenced or removed.

Innovative technologies for any pipeline project

OMS provides a suite of measurement and SmartFit technologies to solve fit-up issues experienced on pipeline projects, onshore or offshore. Options available using SmartFit include visualisation, which provides an on-screen view of simulated fit-up. Sequencing is also available which allows the operator to view a model of the ready rack and allows re-sequencing at a click, while presenting a table of fit-up data with any problems highlighted. OMS has deployed these technologies in numerous projects worldwide, achieving fit-up improvements for an enviable list of projects.

Minimise pipeline project risk

SmartFit to minimise your fit-up risks when a pipeline welding project needs to be carried out against challenging logistics. OMS can measure a sample of your pipes and quantify the likely problems in advance of pipeline construction. You can consider the issues ahead of time and OMS can tailor a solution for you using proven technology.

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