Pipe Measurement

Pipe Measurement

The measurement of fatigue-critical steel catenary risers (SCR’s), carbon steel and flowline pipes is necessary when tight project tolerances are required in deepwater subsea oil and gas applications, as well as some land pipe installations. OMS offer professional, accurate and rapid measurement of pipe end dimensions and provide general pipeline measurement including advanced services such as SmartFit™ software analysis tailored specifically to match the client’s requirements. These services include pipeline fit-up solutions; pipe end-to-end matching without the need to counterbore; counterbore planning services; and the management of AUT (automatic ultrasonic testing) calibration block selection and use. 

OMS have developed the laser measurement technology which is capable of recording both pipe end and pipe bevel geometry. These tools are accurate, repeatable and portable, providing versatile measurement solutions for spool bases, pipe fabrication yards and offshore pipelay vessels. The pipe measurement solutions provided by OMS mean less time on site and improved safety, minimising project delays and costs for our clients.

Other pipe end dimensioning services provided by OMS include:

  • Pipe numbering and pipe end identification (including the linking of pipe numbers with pipe measurement files and datum marking)
  • Sorting of pipes according to the required calibration blocks to be used for the AUT inspection, enabling the most round pipes to be allocated to the more critical areas of the pipeline and results in an improved on-site production process
  • OMS’ visualisation software can be used in the firing line in order to simultaneously optimise both the ID and OD fit-up between pipes
  • Assessment of pipe dimensions in real time and marking pipes accordingly, enabling ‘problem’ pipes to be welded onshore rather than offshore where they could delay production
  • Selection of ‘golden’ pipes for stalk tie-ins
  • Collecting and checking of all pipe end measurement data, including photographic and paper records
  • Calibration and verification, including calibration artefacts, verification and calibration procedures, full documentation and traceability records, temperature corrections, and full reporting software


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