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Bevel Tool

Bevel Tool

A critical element in the successful welding of pipes is the composite profile of the end of the pipe or the bevel for short. A common bevel profile for mechanised welding is the J-prep profile which consists of a land a radius and an angled bevel.

The dimensions of the land and it’s depth have to be within a specified tight tolerance as does the angle of the bevel.


The OMS Bevel Checker tool provides a consistent and accurate method of measuring the three key features of a J-prep bevel at the push of a button.

This data can be used with WT data to automatically yield the half-opening dimension.

The tool uses accurate dial gauges to perform the measurements. The measurements are logged on a computer in a client friendly report which enables the bevel stage to be documented for quality assurance (QA) purposes.

The OMS Bevel Checker tool is designed to accommodate a wide range of J-prep bevel geometries and pipe sizes. The tool can be easily set up according to particular measuring requirements.

The OMS Bevel Checker tool can be set and checked by the operator in the field, using a simple calibration block.

View the Bevel Checker tool on YouTube

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