Visual and 3D Asset Inspection

Visual and 3D asset inspection

The inspection of items such as pipelines or ducts is carried out to determine their condition so that businesses can operate safely in the knowledge that their assets are fit for purpose and meet specifications. Issues such as corrosion, oxidation, radiation, or identifying a range of other features like dents or blockages can be identified using OMS services and technology.

With a range of high-tech, specialist equipment, OMS inspect pipes, vessels, tanks, ducts and a range of processing infrastructure to mitigate risk and improve safety. Whether we’re working on an oil and gas pipeline, within a nuclear plant or with one of our clients within the transportation, construction or utility sector, the OMS team will develop a solution to suit the requirements of application. OMS tools can be deployed into some of the most complex, inaccessible places to carry out visual and 3D asset inspection. Once complete, a full report detailing the issues encountered or potential defects is produced for further evaluation.

With a proven track record over 10 years in business, OMS services can be utilised independently, as a third party on an expert consultancy basis.

OMS provide a wide range of services including:

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Our services enable clients to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Meet specifications
  • Maximise performance
  • Reduce project costs

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