Weld Inspection

Pipe Weld Inspection

When working offshore, a high quality job is always the number one priority. With the intricate, costly, and often time-consuming workloads that these types of project demand, accuracy is the key to delivering on time. Standards cannot be anything less than flawless.

To maintain quality and offer peace of mind, the inspections carried out need to be both regular and thorough. Whilst the construction and welding of offshore pipelines may be a complex task, the inspection of this type of work creates unique challenges of its own. For example, how does one undertake a complete inspection of welding that is already sealed beneath anti-corrosion cladding? Or go about ensuring that every part of an intricate connection system is up to standard? And how can regular checks be carried out in a way that does not disruptive the ongoing work flow?

The answer is that you choose the right tool for the job!

When it comes to offshore pipeline inspections, OMS has developed the WeldChecker™ to offer the most advanced solution there is. The WeldChecker™ can be deployed within the pipeline and, from there, will serve as your eyes. It carries out its inspection remotely, and provides inspectors with the visual and dimensional data that they need to complete a full assessment of the work.

How does WeldChecker™ achieve this to a standard that you can be confident that you can rely upon at important moments?

The WeldChecker™ uses advanced, high definition digital cameras coupled with industrial quality LED lighting to ensure that no part of the pipe is left unchecked. With its provision of up to 200 overlapping images, you receive a complete and detailed picture of your completed work. The high resolution laser stripe simultaneously relays dimensional data to an accuracy of 0.05mm, saving you time.

By incorporating both visual inspection hardware and laser measurement processes to record dimensional data, the WeldChecker™ can provide a full inspection in real-time, whilst the work progresses. This means that, should any problems be detected, the solution can be formulated and put into action immediately.

The WeldChecker™ is physically versatile, too. Its build allows it to be deployed in pipelines of 150mm up to 1000mm internal diameter, whilst it is remotely operable from a distance of up to two kilometres away. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, this adaptable piece of kit is the last word in pipeline inspection hardware.

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