85 mm Five Track Pipe Crawler

Key features

  • 85 mm to 125 mm diameter adjustable

  • Up to 140 Newtons of force

  • 200 mm long

  • Compliance to ensure force at differing diameters and around bends

  • 5 x DC motors and gearboxes with proportional control


High pulling power tracked crawlers for small pipes are needed to push or pull other instrumentation into pipes such as cameras, sensors or laser measurement devices.


This crawler is capable of going into pipes with a diameter ranging from 85 mm upwards to 125 mm. Being compliant and adjustable allows the crawler to navigate around bends up to 5-D.


Each track is powered so in the event that one track does not have full traction another track will still be operating. The tracks provide a good level of distributed contact with the pipe surface and hence considerable grip compared to wheeled systems which only have point contact for each wheel.