OMS Engineering Doubles Turning Capacity

OMS Engineering today has commissioned a new computer-controlled turning centre, due to increased demand from our customers.

Samantha Bush, the Engineering Manager says “The purchase of this machine enables us to be more responsive to our customers, it will help to shorten lead times and increases our capacity for turning. This is a great step forward in OMS Engineering’s long term plans.”

Tim Clarke, the Managing Director of OMS commented “I was very pleased to learn that my team in Engineering had the demand to allow us to continue on our path towards better equipment that is faster and more efficient. Quicker turnaround is the thing I hear customers asking for and this new tool will help to make this a reality.” Josh and the shop floor team have all recently been trained to work with our two tools in the turning centre cell.

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Extract from the Supplier: XYZ Machine Tools Website

The smallest Y axis turning centre in the XYZ range offers great production capabilities from a very small footprint.

The CT 65 LTY is a perfectly sized, yet solidly built, versatile turning centre that makes the most of the smallest of shopfloor spaces. Standard equipment, not normally found on machines of this type, include hydraulic chuck, 12-station VDI turret, Renishaw tool setting, swarf conveyor and tailstock. The latest in conversational control technology from Siemens the 828D ShopTurn, makes the machine ideal for experienced and novice CNC users alike.