Spatter matters: pipe weld inspection


Weld inspection internal coating

OMS have modified our internal weld inspection system to cover a wider field of view, to enable complete inspection before the internal coating of pipes

Offshore in the Persian Gulf, OMS have provided equipment and operators to report both visual and laser inspection for CRA (Corrosive Resistant Alloy) and CS (Carbon Steel) pipes for a range of diameter pipes girth welds.

Following modification of our ground breaking weld inspection tool, Auga™, for this specific project we were able to successfully record the following Laser and Visual results;

Figure 1. Illustration of scanning of the root weld

Figure 1. Illustration of scanning of the root weld


  • Root penetration

  • Root concavity (Negative root indications)

  • Undercut and other surface breaking defects (if any)


  • Purge quality/weld discoloration (oxidation)

  • Spatter

The laser inspection will provide profile measurements across the root weld, including the pipe wall on either side of the root, as shown here in Figure 1.

The 8LV Auga has a high definition coloured recordable camera and laser profiling tool which will view the internal root bead profile, root pass defects and assess weld discoloration level. It can be connected to a range of lineup clamps and sits ready to perform an inspection. The measurement head is positioned over the root weld by means of a joystick controller. This extended field of view feature is important when collating sets of results  for the internal field joint coating substrate area and the weld. This will identify any adverse indications like weld spatter that could affect the integrity of the coating in service. The tool performs a complete 360-degree rotation of the weld in less than 20 seconds, scanning and capturing weld profile images and data on the root pass. 

The reporting of these results is completed by a trained operator onsite using the OMS WeldAnalysis software after each weld.  

For the CRA pipe, stainless steel wheels will be supplied to avoid contamination of the liner. The wheels are expected and designed to last the entirety of the project without the need for replacement. They will however be inspected whenever the tool is removed from the pipe. These wheels allow the Auga™ to travel to the location where inspection must be carried out, some 300mm.

Crucially, Auga™ is designed to blend in seamlessly with the welding contractor’s own pipe welding processes, thus enhancing the quality of the welds with no disruption to the welding process.

For more information on the Auga™ internal weld inspection tool from OMS, please contact Paul Eagle, Head of Global Business on 01279 656 038 or via email at