Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements

By accepting an OMS Purchase Order, the supplier acknowledges the following conditions and takes responsibility for implementation and compliance with all applicable clauses.

The supplier shall:

1. Have implemented an ISO 9001:2015 or equivalent quality management system and follow quality assurance procedures appropriate to the product or service being supplied;

2. Perform any requested calibration activities with traceability to national standards. Certification to demonstrate compliance should be provided on request;

3. Inform OMS of any changes to the product or procedures and give immediate notification in case any of the requirements or standards are not met;

4. Notify OMS of any product relating to an OMS purchase order that is later found to be non-conforming;

5. Retain appropriate quality documentation for a period of 3 years;

6. Ensure that any EEE supplied that falls under the scope of the WEEE & RoHS directives must be compliant. The supplier shall retain responsibility for the processing and disposal via and approved recycling agent of any WEEE supplied;

7. Have systems in place to make certain that delivery of the purchase order conforms to all legal requirements and regulations.