Innovative Inspection Products and Services


Our technology inspects, measures, analyses and verifies

We specialise in providing solutions to problems found in pipes. We use the latest in camera, laser and deployment techniques to provide vital information to our customers. Typical issues are: HiLo, ovality, dents, wrinkling, erosion, oxidation, discolouration and corrosion. The resulting information allows corrective decisions to be made if required.

The industries that typically require our technologies are found in onshore and offshore oil and gas installations as well as nuclear, defence, utilities, transportation and construction.

Our products and services provide many innovative methods of measuring and inspecting pipes. We help businesses to speed up and improve their processes. The accurate dimensional measurement of pipes is critical to the pipe manufacturing, welding, construction and asset management.

Our services

Weld Inspection

Weld inspection services are required to determine the various features, attributes and potential defects of a weld to meet its project specification and integrity.

Fit-up Solutions

Analysis of pipe end data allows us to quantify any HiLo above the welding specification in advance of pipeline construction and tailor an optimal solution.

Pipe Inspection

Independent and specialist inspection services utilise tools which are accurate, repeatable and portable, providing versatile measurement solutions for a multitude of locations.

Our sectors

Oil & Gas






Our products

Laser Bevel Tool

The Bevel 360 is designed to scan the end of a pipe. This produces a 360 degree laser measurement profile of the bevel.

Open Gap HiLo Tool

The Open Gap HiLo Tool is designed to measure the internal HiLo geometry of two pipes that are aligned for open gap welding.

Closed Gap HiLo Tool

The Closed Gap HiLo Tool is designed to measure the internal HiLo geometry of two pipes that are aligned for closed gap welding.