We provide independent pipeline inspection and measurement

Our vision is to ensure pipeline integrity in the energy sector by providing innovative technology to maximise performance.

We consider maximised performance to mean fewer defects, increased productivity, superior workflow and improved efficiency. With two Queen’s awards for innovative technology and over 15 years of experience in oil and gas, aerospace, utilities and beyond, we’re confident that the application of our services and products will benefit your organisation through improved performance.

The OMS team values:

  • Integrity – providing transparent, reliable, accurate and repeatable results

  • Teamwork – applying the perfect mix of skills to deliver your project

  • Innovation – our passion for creativity and technology is unparalleled

  • Collaboration – building strong partnerships with the right organisations

How we can help your organisation

We specialise in the creation of innovative technology that is used to capture and analyse key information about client assets. Typically pipes, these assets are sometimes situated at range or in difficult to reach locations where the requirement is to retrieve data, images or video.


Working in extreme conditions

The retrieval of information is frequently made more challenging by location, weather conditions and the surrounding environment. These factors make the delivery of visual information and accurate data a highly specialised task, often requiring tools that can withstand the toughest industrial settings, such as high pressures, temperatures or demanding production.

Our work has taken from Rio to Russia, Scotland to Singapore, and Texas to Toddington. We’ve been involved with a diverse range of projects, often working with assets destined for depths of over 3,000 metres below sea level, 1,000 feet in the sky, temperatures of -30° and +50° centigrade, and speeds of over 100 miles per hour. You could say that we live and breathe challenging projects!

Innovation is central to project success

The tools we’ve developed are created directly out of the needs of our clients. We work closely with each one to ensure that the tools we create and services we deliver satisfy their project requirements. From the smallest robotic crawler capable of accessing a 1 inch diameter pipe to take video, to a 3 metre long in-line inspection tool capable of automating the process of weld inspection on a vessel at sea.

The integrated hardware we’ve developed to perform under these conditions is coupled with proprietary software, programmed specifically to perform data acquisition and analysis, all of which is repeatable and traceable.


Bringing people and technology together

As an organisation, we’re agile, pragmatic and well-practiced in operational expertise. We possess a deep knowledge of safety, site practices and how to adhere to project compliance. Our experienced team have been hand-picked to bring an incredibly diverse suite of skills, with many being gained on some of the most prominent and testing projects on the planet.

Our experience of integrating with the supply chain is well-practiced too. We frequently partner with like-minded organisations to create complementary technology or administer services to deliver on client requirements.

Our promise

Our overarching promise is to ensure a successful project for our clients by creating the technology to enable safer and more efficient pipelines.