Coffee Bubble Detection

Key details

  • Food and beverage is a multi-billion dollar industry

  • The ‘ready-to-drink’ coffee market is forecast to show 67% sales growth from 2017 - 2022

  • Meeting consumer needs through innovation and technology. Allowing greater market penetration in this lucrative market

  • In a very competitive market, quality is of pivotal importance

  • Creation of a one-off test rig with customised software

LED lighting arrangement


The average coffee drinker has 3 cups per day, for most people, coffee is the fuel that gets them going in the morning. The fineness of your coffee bubbles is a measure of the perceived quality of the product.


OMS created a system for our customer with great illumination in order for the specialised camera to be able to generate high quality images and to analyse these images using computer software developed in-house. The whole system was provided in a professional package for the customer to use at their site.



The lighting arrangement provided a high level of control of the images taken by the camera.The software took the images and computed the size and shape of the coffee bubbles depending on parameters set-up the by the operator.

The statistics were then presented to in a histogram format which allowed the operator to make quantitative comparisons between the differing coffee machine bubbles and hence the perceived quality of the product.