Pipe End Hooking Measurement Tool

The Pipe End Hooking Measurement Tool is designed to allow the operator to quickly and accurately determine the straightness of a pipe end.

Key features

  • Measures out of straightness directly according to API specification requirements

  • High strength magnets aid operation

  • Digital dial gauge provide direct readout

  • Calibration via a calibrated straight edge

  • Traceability to National Standards

  • Lightweight


Our customers sometimes have problems with pipes and want to establish beyond any doubt that a pipe is out of specification or in. We made this tool to allow our customer to measure end hooking of their pipes directly. The reason for what is called “end hooking” is due to the manufacturing process, the issue it causes is a bend in the end of the pipe such that when a pipe is joined to such a pipe the next pipe is not in a straight line. This is critical when it comes to spooling welded pipes onto a vessel or welding two joins together in a J-lay tower.


The use takes the end hooking tool and sets it up such that the two contact points are at the correct distance from the pipe end as specified by API. Then the tool is placed onto the calibration square and the dial gauge is zeroed. Once this has taken place the tool can be placed on a pipe and the end hooking is then read directly from the dial gauge. The tool has to be held parallel to the pipe in order to function correctly. The magnets allow the tool to be used on the top and the side of the pipe. When the pipe has been coated it becomes difficult to operate the tool but customers have used the tool inside a pipe with a cradle.


The principle that is used in the tool is to have a calibration standard and then transfer the traceable accuracy of this tool (the straight edge) into the tool to be used. This happens every time that the tool is put on the calibration standard and the dial gauge is zeroed. The dial gauge is itself provided with a calibration certificate. While this method might not be as easy to use as the Laser system it is more fit for purpose to carry out an API compliant inspection.