Pipe Exit Monitoring System

Key details

  • Monitoring systems are used onboard reel lay vessels to monitor pipe/cable position as they exit the vessel during pipelay

  • Robust design and manufacture for use in harsh pipelay conditions

  • Green, amber and red warning lights via the software

  • Ability to view the pipe position real-time

The hardware and software are designed to ignore structures and can be adapted to suit a variety of installations and vessel types.


Our customer, one of the giants in the pipelay business, wanted to ensure that in a shallow pipelay project that the pipe was not subject to undue bending stress due to the movement of the vessel in the waves and during pipelay.



We provided was to provide a frame through which the pipe would travel on it’s was to the sea where the position of the pipe was measured with respect to the frame.


A multiple array of send receive sensors were used where any blockage of signal between the elements would indicate where the pipe was relative to the frame. Two arrays were used one on one side and other on the top/bottom of the frame.The frame had to be opened and shut in order to allow the system to be started or stopped and be robust for use in harsh conditions of a pipelay vessel offshore. The software allowed the operator to set position limits for an amber warning (outside of the comfort zone and approaching the danger zone) and a red warning if the limits were exceeded. The control system was installed where it could be viewed by the pipeline installation manager.