Pipe Girth Weld Measurement Tool

The Pipe Girth Weld Measurement Tool is designed to allow the operator to determine the deviation of a pipe wall across a weld.

Key features

  • Able to measure the contour of a weld or grinding around weld

  • Lightweight tool with magnetic clamp

  • Allows measurement at any distance along its useable length

  • Calibrated dial gauge with hardened measurement probe

  • Measurements are traceable via the calibration artefact and dial gauge

  • Repeatable


The Girth Weld Tool was designed for the specific purpose of helping our client to determine the shape of any weld flushing. From the shape of the weld and the surrounding area it is possible to then calculate the thickness of the pipe wall. It is critical that the grinder should not over grind and hence reduce the wall thickness to a point where the pipe fatigue life would be compromised. The reason for the weld flushing is to minimise fatigue in the weld region by smoothing out the shape of the weld and any undercut where cracks could form. Of course the tool can be used for many other applications.


The tool comprises: a magnetic clamp which attaches the tool to the pipe; a pair of linear rails which are preset highly parallel to the magnetic clamp; and, a moving carriage which carries the calibrated digital indicator. The operator will first “zero” the dial gauge on one side of the pipe and then check along the weld until the operator has logged the minimum and maximum values either side of the weld.


The tool has been set up such that the carriages are parallel to the underside of the magnetic clamp. The dial gauge is mounted in a precision rotary bearing so the reading face can be rotated to make it easy for the operator to see the readings and note them.