Third Party Verification

Key details

  • Independent and specialist technology

  • Industry experts in metrology with a proven track record

  • A wide set of calibrated specialist tools to carry out survey work to exacting standards

  • Experience in resolving disputes between suppliers/installers/operators over engineering and inspection specifications

  • Clear, concise and informative reports generated for customers, detailing whether pipes or parts are in or out-of-specification

  • Experience in providing expert testimony and preparing supporting documentation for contractual negotiations or legal court cases and disputes

Engineering specifications and inspection requirements are already stringent, and pressure is only likely to increase on oil companies and their contractors to demonstrate that they are meeting their engineering and inspection obligations.

The bigger issue is how the oil industry as a whole can minimise risk and ensure the safety of its personnel and the integrity of its drilling rigs and pipelines. Independent dimensional and visual inspection is a component of this picture. This will encompass, for example, measurement and inspection of pipe geometry, welds, pipe fit-up, bevels and counterbores, to ensure specifications are fully met.

Demand is likely to growing for services from independent inspection companies, who can offer the full range of pipe measurement and inspection services to the highest standards, including full traceability and calibration.

What OMS can offer?

  • Third party, independent pipe weld measurement & inspection expertise

  • Technical prowess and proven track record in oil & gas pipe inspection work

  • Expert advice and guidance on the effects of pipe geometry as regards delivering better weld quality, improved engineering as well as determining and quarantining pipes or parts that fail to meet specifications. Involvement in pipe reeling trials, Weld Procedure Qualification Tests (WPQTs), and pipe fatigue trials in order to help improve the engineering integrity and inspection of subsea structures.

  • Pipe end measurement to verify ovality to insure better fit-up

  • Pipe meets specification

  • The quality of supplied parts is also a factor in the delivery of engineering programs to specification. Unfortunately it’s not always the case that supplied parts meet the applicable specification. This can lead to disputes between suppliers and contractors. OMS has significant experience as an independent expert authority, called in to objectively evaluate parts against the applicable criteria