Flexibility - adapting technology and services to suit our clients

As businesses strive for competitive advantages over rivals, they seek to improve their capabilities, services and products to provide greater value to their own clients. OMS have addressed the needs of businesses operating in the most competitive environment that industry has ever faced by developing more versatile solutions. An example of this is the change in the method of providing our measurement, inspection and fit-up services to the oil and gas sector through the leasing of tools for use by the client rather than the traditional method of using OMS operators. Clients can now be trained by OMS staff to lease tools for use on projects by their own staff. With full support via a range of video, voice or conferencing options, this gives much greater flexibility in terms of scheduling work to suit the project application. Once complete, data can be digitally transferred back to OMS for processing, reporting and verification.

This update to flexible services not only provides some key improvements in terms of versatility to our clients, but also brings a number of additional efficiency benefits too. These include:

  • Increased Health and Safety due to fewer personnel on site
  • Cost reduction through savings on operator visa costs, flights, accommodation and subsistence
  • Reduction in site administration for the client

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