Innovative measurement, inspection and corrective solutions

Our vision is to deliver excellence where every fraction of a millimetre counts. Our mission is to provide inspection, measurement and corrective services in global market sectors. We strive to deliver value to clients by providing solutions that improve integrity and increase efficiency.

OMS provide services and technology to inspect, measure, visualise, verify and correct asset defects in hard to reach locations such as pipelines, ducts or conduits. Potentially problematic conditions including shape, ovality, wear, dents, protrusions, wrinkling, oxidation, discolouration, corrosion, contamination or erosion can be determined prior to carrying out remedial activities to address the issue. Comprehensive software reporting allows clients to understand measurements and fully assess the extent of defects in order make decisions towards a solution.

OMS looks to utilise its core strengths and provide the key to improved safety, process efficiency and asset integrity, whilst helping to reduce costs and non-productive time. Areas of operational interest are within confined spaces where advanced visual inspection and precision measurement techniques, mapping and corrective solutions such as welding, grinding or repair are required.

'C-Cut' RESTRICTED ACCESS SAFE CUTTING - working together to provide specialist cutting services

'C-Cut' RESTRICTED ACCESS SAFE CUTTING - working together to provide specialist cutting services

  BHR Group's fluid engineering expertise, partnered with OMS' unrivalled experience in precision manipulation, combines to deliver a new standard in decommissioning...

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Spotlight On ... Neil Mitchinson, OMS Operator

Spotlight On ... Neil Mitchinson, OMS Operator

How did you get into working for OMS? I sent my CV out to various organisations within the Oil and Gas Industry as it was an industry I had previously worked in when I was younger and I was keen to get back into the industry as I was unhappy with the work I was doing before I started working for OMS as a contractor...

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Straight as an arrow!

Straight as an arrow!

The phrase ‘straight as an arrow’ is an old saying which conveys the thought of straightness, but as anyone that’s attempted to use a bow will know, an arrow’s flight is anything but straight! Straight as a laser beam should really take over as a saying as it offers more relevance...

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Evolution of the best bevel measurement tool in the world

Where pipe welding is a critical consideration, for example, in deep-water oil and gas pipelines, the standard requires that bevels are checked to ensure they are within tolerance. But how do we at OMS go about the process of creating the technology that meets the needs of businesses we work with?

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We're always looking for high quality talent to join us. If you feel that you have what it takes to become part of an innovative, high-performance team. To find out about our latest vacancies...

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Inspection of buried aviation fuel lines

Corrosion can present a problem for those tasked with managing these pipelines, as it can occur from either outside or inside the pipe. Corrosion of any metal structure is rarely welcome, so where aviation fuel is a consideration, it is of great concern as a leak could result in disaster! An organisation that managed one of these assets required an inspection to determine the extent of the corrosion. OMS presented the organisation with an option to carry out inspection from within the pipe using camera and laser technology.

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Remote measurement and inspection of pull tubes on the Aasta Hansteen SPAR project

OMS have recently completed ground-breaking remote measurement and inspection of a number of 230 metre long pull tubes for Statoil’s deepwater Aasta Hansteen SPAR project, which at 1,300 metres below sea level is the first of its kind in the Norwegian Sea. The platform, expected to go online during 2018, will be installed in the Aasta Hansteen field, 300 kilometres off the western coast of Norway during 2016, and connected to the Shell-operated Nyhamna gas processing plant via the Polarled 480 kilometre pipeline.

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Special Offer!

We are giving away a FREE tablet with every HiLo tool sold. This upgrade is available with all new Open Gap and Closed Gap HiLo tool purchases, as well as upgrades to compatible tools. The upgrade eliminates the need for pen and paper methods of recording pipe HiLo measurements.

Open Gap and Closed Gap HiLo tools provide pipeline engineers, weld inspectors and quality control technicians with the ability to measure pipe misalignment prior to fit-up and welding. This capability is an important element in pipeline construction as it improves the fit-up of pipe ends in order to meet project specifications.

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OMS is ready for nuclear!

OMS is pleased to announce that the company has achieved Fit For Nuclear (F4N) accreditation.

Developed by Nuclear AMRC with the support of top tier partners including Areva and EDF Energy, the F4N verification process is used by these firms to identify potential suppliers to the nuclear industry.

Organisations are initially required to undertake a Fit For Nuclear Business diagnostic assessment. With an industry average of 72%, achieving a score of 89% is something OMS can be particularly proud of. This accreditation confirms that OMS is ready to bid for work and provide services in the civil nuclear sector.

OMS wins the Queens Award for Enterprise for the second time

Oil and gas pipe measurement specialist Optical Metrology Services (OMS) is proud to announce that it has won the coveted 2014 Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category for its SmartFit™ service, a system for managing pipe preparation and fit-up in readiness for welding prior to pipe laying.

Used in the oil and gas industry, SmartFit™ will ensure the accurate fit-up of pipes prior to welding and pipeline construction, thus preventing environmentally damaging leaks. Whilst innovating this service, OMS developed bespoke laser measuring equipment and methodologies with supporting software, for optimising pipe fit-up. The service reduces costs through faster pipe laying and improves quality by eliminating mismatched pipe ends.

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