Spotlight On ... Neil Mitchinson, OMS Operator

    How did you get into working for OMS? I sent my CV out to various organisations within the Oil and Gas Industry as it was an industry I had previously worked in when I was younger and I was keen to get back into the industry as I was unhappy with the work I was doing before I started working for OMS as a contractor…

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    Straight as an arrow!

    The phrase ‘straight as an arrow’ is an old saying which conveys the thought of straightness, but as anyone that’s attempted to use a bow will know, an arrow’s flight is anything but straight! Straight as a laser beam should really take over as a saying as it offers more relevance…

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    OOPS! Recognising errors and improving processes

    We’ve all experienced embarrassing moments when something happens that makes our heart sink…

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    Cutting Corners

    By Tim Clarke, Managing Director, OMS Cutting corners is not usually considered a good thing, more often, the complete opposite…

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    From chicken wings to robotic inspection of composite structures

    If you were to Google the phrase ‘Wingbox Checker’, amongst the numerous references to chicken wings, you’re likely to find a link to a device which has nothing to do with chickens…

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    All Square

    OMS clients have come to expect tools and services which can be traced back to National Standards as part of the service…

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