With a range of clients across the sector, OMS has successfully delivered operational, efficiency and safety improvements to businesses, whilst maintaining asset integrity. Our services provide organisations with peace of mind that these assets are fit for purpose and in peak performance as they seek to grow their businesses, helping to reduce costs and prevent non-productive time. Services can be aligned with asset management plans to ensure safe, responsible and compliant operations if required.

OMS have a track record of providing bespoke solutions to the transportation sector. Our innovative measurement solutions enabled a global aerospace operator to inspect, measure and profile the internal wing box geometry of an aircraft. The system, engineered to meet specific client requirements, allowed dimensional measurements of the internal 12 metre sections of a wing in under 4 hours. Hugh Davies, Client Solutions Director at OMS commented: “Our mix of mechanical, electrical and software integration skills at OMS enabled us to engineer a complete measuring system for the customer. The real challenge was the shape of the wing box sections and devising a single system that was capable of performing all the measurements within the allocated time period. Because of our experience working on oil and gas pipeline projects, we were able to offer all the necessary design, manufacturing and software integration skills that were required on this project.

OMS provide services to the following transportation industries:

  • Rail
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Shipping

OMS technology has the capability to provide companies within transportation industries with measurement and inspection solutions including the verification and reporting of asset condition. These services can be deployed within confined or difficult to reach spaces such as buried pipelines, conduits, culverts, tunnels or ducts using our unique and versatile crawler tools. A suite of modules can be utilised and configured to operate at varying ranges to suit the application requirements. 

OMS services to the sector include:

OMS provide services to the following sectors:

Our services enable clients to:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Meet specifications
  • Maximise performance
  • Reduce project costs

OMS core capabilities include:

Innovation, flexibility, collaboration

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