50 mm Ten Wheel Drive Pipe Crawler

Key features

  • 50 mm to 90 mm diameter adjustable

  • Up to 30 Newtons of force

  • 175 mm long

  • Compliance to ensure force at differing diameters and around bends

  • DC motors with proportional control


Pipes are everywhere but crawlers to go into small diameter pipes are in short supply.


This crawler is capable of going into pipes with a diameter ranging from 50 mm upwards to 90 mm. Being compliant and adjustable allows the crawler to navigate around tight bends.


To create a 10 wheel drive crawler of this size required some ingenious engineering. Each set of five wheels is driven by a single miniature motor and gearbox. Even though the system is small it generates a formidable amount of force relative to its size. This system has fewer limitations going around bends compared to tracked crawlers but less contact area to generate grip.