Lightweight Crawler Track System

Key features

  • Medium power

  • Lightweight

  • Suitable for tasks that are dry

  • Grooved or smooth high grip tracks

  • Motor encoder feedback

  • Integrated drive electronics possible


These tracks were developed in response to two projects. One to operate up a 20 degree slope over 250 metres to deliver an OMS weld scanner to inspect a large number of welds. The tool had to be lightweight suitable for transport on an aeroplane and to be lifted by hand up a scaffolding to be used in the field. The other application was to survey the welds in a vertical riser pipe offshore where even higher requirements were placed on the tool as it had to be transported by helicopter to the place of work.


Rather than buy off-the-shelf crawler tracks that would have blown the weight budget we decided to build our own lightweight system for this application.


While having a relatively powerful motor and encoder the crawler was manufactured from machined aluminium and is relatively thin compared to other designs. Nevertheless the tool was capable of performing in the field in the Middle East and the Far East to achieve vertical operation and extended distance operation using a fibre optic umbilical.