Waterproof Medium Weight Crawler Track System

Key features

  • High power and medium weight

  • Smooth or grooved tracks

  • Easy to replace tracks

  • Motor encoder feedback option for fine motor control and odometer

  • Capable of being back driven in the case of a power failure

  • Compatible with other similar tracks

  • Great value


Our own service requirements and our customers needs led us to design and manufacture this crawler unit. For some applications it was found that the competitors tracks were too expensive and so we conceived of a design that is just as robust and more affordable.

Waterproof Medium Weight Crawler Track System Data Sheet.jpg


The track does not compromise when it comes to the power house of the motor and gearbox which are of Swiss design and very reliable. The areas where the design was simplified was the use of plastics rather than machined steel.


These cheaper components allow the replacement of these elements as they are damaged in use. The internal heart of the system is thereby protected from damage and refurbishment can take place by simply unbolting the old parts and replacing with new.

This crawler system is a workhorse for tasks that require one or more tracks. When used together with the OMS control electronics the tracks can be made to undertake complex tasks reliably and efficiently.