Pipe End Squareness Measurement Tool

The Pipe End Squareness Measurement Tool is designed to allow the operator to quickly and accurately determine the squareness of a pipe end.

Key features

  • The OMS square is fully digital

  • A calibrated dial gauge provides a direct readout

  • Carbon fibre construction is lightweight yet rigid

  • The tool is highly repeatable

  • The set up provides the ultimate traceability and reliability

  • Adjustable to pipe sizes from 6” to 36”

  • Accuracy to 0.1 mm


It was noticed that our customers found it very difficult to measure the squareness of a pipe. Even reputable companies appeared to have squares bought from hardware stores with no calibration and no easy means to assess accuracy. As a result we built our square to remedy these deficiencies and give our clients a tool that would provide reliable and repeatable results under any scrutiny.


Pipes with out-of-square ends cause problems for pipeline welders, particularly when used in the J-lay process. The End Squareness Tool provides operators with a means to measure the end squareness of an oil or gas pipe prior to welding. Of course the straightness tool is not limited to pipes but can be used in an any situation where a better square is required.


The key to the tool operation is the way in which it is constructed. The carbon fibre tubes and machined blocks provide the ideal starting point. They allow the stock of the square to be placed on a surface accurately and for the dial gauge to be read to ascertain squareness directly.


The magic of the tool operation comes about when it is calibrated. A calibrated square is used to “zero” the dial gauge when the dial gauge pointer is exactly square. When the tool is then used the dial gauge can then tell the operator how much out of square any object is.